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Milly Opeodu

I have been ordering cakes from Gladys for some years now and I am never disappointed. Her caramel cake is my favourite and will gladly have it every day if I could.

Elliana Eventz

I have used Gladys for many events and it has always exceeded mine and clients expectations. Not only does her cake taste amazing they are a piece of art. As an event planner Gladys is a pleasure to work with for clients.

Tanya Coxon

The cake was very last minute and could not fault it in any way. Due to my working hours, I was thinking that it would be hard to organise but Gladys was very accommodating and keep me informed on everything. Would highly recommend it. The cake was delicious and looked amazing. Would definitely use Gladys again

Freddy A

HIGHLY recommended. Gladys Gourmet Cake - You are exceptional. Many many thanks for the wonderful Spider-Man Cake. Thank you for taking my order at the last minute and delivering a wonderful birthday cake to my twin sons. The cake was delicious am told. Thank you; thank you; thank you so much!!!

Priya Parmar

A truly memorable experience! Thank you for making my dad's 60th a truly special day! We all loved the delicious cake, which served as a center piece!! The customer service provided by Gladys was also fantastic together with her creativity and skills. We look forward to her sharing many more special moments with us!!

Pei A

The process of my Children’s Christening cakes was brilliant from start to finish. Gladys has been an Angel - she answered my questions and was accommodating with my wishes for each cake during the consultation. Both cakes were absolutely stunning and perfect! On top of that, they both tasted divine. Everyone at the Christening paid so many compliments and it’s all thanks to this lady. Gladys thank you so so so much and look forward to ordering more cakes in the future :)

Alex Robinson

Gladys' handmade custom-decorated cake made our company's 3rd birthday so much more special. As the leading Northampton cake shop, Gladys is a true master of her craft. With no direction from us, she baked us an absolute masterpiece. It felt a shame to ruin the art by eating it - although there were no regrets at all - it tasted even better than it looked! If you need a custom cake for a birthday, anniversary, company celebration - whatever - you need to speak to Gladys. Thank you!