7 Steps To Choosing The Best Cake For Your Loved Ones


Cakes are probably one of the most delicious ways to celebrate any occasion. Whether it’s an anniversary, a birthday, a graduation or any other celebration, cakes add additional value to an occasion.

While eating a delectable cake is probably one of the most satisfying jobs in the world, choosing one for an occasion comes with a whole lot of other considerations.

It can be a satisfying job, but it absolutely isn’t an easy one. To make the correct choice, you need to choose a cake that goes with the theme, is liked by the guest of honour and the guests, is the proper size and so on.

In conclusion, choosing is not easy and that’s why we’re here to help.

Today, we are going to tell you how to choose the best cake for loved ones, in seven simple steps.

1. The Occasion and the Loved One

There’s no doubt about it, we should always start by considering the occasion. With a wide range of cake options especially designed for certain celebrations, considering the occasion before choosing the cake is essential.

Now, along with the occasion, you also need to consider the loved one you’re celebrating. Let’s say it’s a kid’s birthday party, in this case, you should choose a cartoon-themed cake.

On the other hand, if it’s a graduation party for your young college graduate, you should choose something more mature and graduation-y. Maybe a Sculpted Cake that looks like a graduation hat!

2. The Flavours

The next thing to think about is the flavour of the cake. Trust us, you do not want to pick the wrong flavour.

As it’s a cake for a loved one, they probably won’t mind, but they won’t be very happy about it either.

Of course, you might know what their favourite flavour is. However, if you don’t, it’s always a good idea to ask around and get the most loved one. A chocolate birthday cake is always nice too, you can never go wrong with that.

3. The Aesthetics

As the queen of cake-bakers (ahem, Gladys) can create perfect cakes, you can literally have the aesthetics of your cake completely customised.

Do you want a photo cake? You got it. A sculpted Harry Potter book cake? You got it. A cake that looks like a bride and groom? Again, you got it.

With so many options like two-tier, three-tier, fondant cakes and so much more, you can get the best cake for loved ones with Gladys.

4. The Size

Consider the size of the cake and account for everyone at the celebration. It’d be terrible if some people had to leave without having a slice of cake.

Your cake provider (ahem, Gladys) can absolutely help you with this part though. Just tell them how many people it’s for and voila, you’ll have the right sized cake.

5. The Price

Now, there’s no price for love and we know that, however, there is nothing wrong with getting a perfect cake that’s still within your budget.

Therefore, we offer you a wide range of delicious and affordable cakes, only at Gladys’ Gourmet Cakes. Order from us now and get the best cake for loved ones, within your budget.

6. The Inscription 

This one’s not a biggie. However, it’s worth mentioning. Once you’ve placed the order and everything, the last thing you need to do is tell your cake supplier (ahem, Gladys) about the cake inscription.

Whether it’s “Happy Birthday Matilda” or “See You Soon Freddie”, you can have whatever you want inscribed on the cake and get some extra brownie points.

7. The Delivery

This is kind of an important one. You don’t want to place the order for a perfect cake only to have it arrive completely damaged by the delivery person.

At Gladys’, we can assure you that your cake will be delivered to you in perfect condition. Trust us, we’ve delivered a whole lot of cakes without any messes.

Choose Gladys’ for Alluring Personalised Cakes for All Occasions

Now that you know all about choosing the best cake for loved ones, what are you waiting for?

Pick one that suits your needs best and place an order with us now.

With years of experience baking the most aesthetically pleasing and marvellously delicious cakes, we promise you nothing but excellence.

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