5 Scary Halloween Cake Ideas That Are Both Spooky And Delicious

Gladys Ania
July 11, 2022

The only time of the year when we throw ourselves into the darkness and enjoy the spookiness of life, Halloween brings joy, laughter, and lots of chocolates.

Do you know what else it brings along? Parties, celebrations and the centrepiece of it all, Halloween Cakes. 

Now we’re sure that you’ve taken care of the costumes, the drinks and the chocolates for Halloween. However, if you’re here, it means that you’re yet to find the perfect cake for your Halloween party.

Well, you don’t have to worry about them anymore. With Glady’s Gourmet Cakes, you can order from a wide range of cakes and have them delivered to your doorstep in no time.

Nonetheless, with so many options, it can get a little hard to choose from the best Halloween cake ideas on the internet.

Therefore, we have narrowed down five of our best easy Halloween cakes for you to celebrate the spookiness of the dreaded night.

1. "Help Me!" Cake

Starting off the list with one of the spookiest Halloween cakes ever, we bring you the delicious "Help Me!" Cake from our collection.

With a base as simple as a white cake and the graphic effects of a drowning woman, the "Help Me!" Cake is just the right amount of dreadful.

Imagine a plain white cake, with chocolate spiders crawling around and a pair of chocolate hands on top of a muddy surface drowning in the cake. (of course, the muddy surface is also chocolate)

Now that you’ve imagined how delicious it can be, you should probably order the cake with your personalised flavours and visual touches

2. Haunted House Cake

Yes, it’s exactly what you think it is. An absolutely marvellous Halloween cake that literally looks like a miniature haunted house.

How do we pull it off? Well, there’s a whole lot of artistic construction that goes into the preparation of this brilliant spooky cake.

Nevertheless, the end result is a petrifying masterpiece that shall leave the Halloween party guests speechless.

3. Ouija Board Cake

Here’s one of our rather easy Halloween cakes. This one is an elegantly shaped white cake with a rectangular base that looks like an actual ouija board.

Elegantly fascinating to all its beholders, the Ouija Board Cake is one of the best Halloween themed cakes on our list.

Moreover, this simple white cake with an Ouija board designed on it is another brilliant way to scare your guests away, or better yet, invite them to a seance.

4. Chocolate Cake with Cobweb Frosting (Not Real Cobweb)

You probably already know we won’t be using real cobwebs but we just felt like it had to be said. Nevertheless, here’s one of our simplest Halloween cake ideas that can do wonders for your Halloween party.

Very easy to bake, this simple chocolate cake can be turned into a Halloween themed cake in less than a minute. The key is the right type of frosting.

All you need is some vanilla frosting, a chocolate spider and your artistic hands. By simply designing the frosting in a webbed pattern all over the cake and placing the chocolate spider on it, you can get the perfect Halloween cake.

5. A Chocolate Graveyard Cake

Again, it’s exactly what it sounds like. A chocolate cake that looks like a graveyard!

However, this is not as difficult as it sounds, but it’s absolutely as spooky. With a chocolate base spread over in a rectangular shape, the boundaries of the graveyard are barred with Kitkat.

On the other hand, the cake is covered with cookies with the abbreviation ‘RIP’ inscribed on them to look like graves. Serving as the perfect Halloween cake for your party, this wonderful cake is exactly what you need.

Choose Gladys for the Most Fantastic Halloween Cakes This Year

With our brilliant Halloween cake ideas, you can absolutely startle everyone at your party and have a wonderful time.

However, our Halloween cakes are not limited to these options. With years of experience in baking the most personalised cakes, we can make anything happen.

Whatever design, flavour, colour or pattern you want, you can get it with Glady’s Gourmet Cakes. All you need to do is describe what your ideal cake looks like and find it on your doorstep in no time.

Moreover, if you’re looking for celebration cakes or cupcakes for various occasions you can find these too. 

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