5 Impressive Cake Flavours for Your Summer Wedding


A wedding is a truly special moment for any person and it’s only bound to happen once in your life. As a result, it’s absolutely crucial to pick a cake that’s delicious and worthy to share with your lifelong partner. 

While it’s easy to go for plain vanilla or a chocolate cake, you’d prefer your cake to have something special to suit the occasion. As a suggestion, why not go for something that suits the warm weather? 

Summertime is all about choosing light flavours paired with refreshing fruits, and you have a variety of options to choose from to impress your friends and family. 

To help you out, we’ve created a list of summer wedding cake flavours for your wedding that’ll leave your mouth watering. These unique wedding cake flavours suit the season and will be just what you need for your reception. 

Let’s take a look!

1. Lemon Raspberry Cake

If you desire a sweet flavour with a mix of tart, we highly recommend getting the lemon raspberry cake for your nuptial. This cake is created by applying lemon juice to the base and then adding raspberries on top for a perfect finish.

The end result brings out a vibrant look of yellow and red for your wedding cake. It’s an absolute delight to look at and should definitely be on the list of your wedding cake flavours list. 

2. Coffee-flavoured Cake

If you’re a fan of coffee, maybe you should consider tasting it on your wedding cake. This cake is made by applying some of the drink on a buttermilk base. You will also find some apricot jam between the layers of your sweet dessert. 

You will also get a taste of the coffee buttercream icing on the top of the cake made for your special occasion. This is a unique wedding cake flavour that’s refreshing to have during the hot summer because of its cool and delicious taste. 

If you’re struggling to find this flavour, you can contact a professional like Gladys Gourmet Cakes. They specialise in making custom cakes that’ll suit your taste, perfect for your big day!

3. Carrot Cake with Orange and Ginger Icing

Imagine getting a mouth-watering cake with sprinkles of carrots, ginger, and cinnamon for your wedding! Well, you can obtain that from a carrot cake that features a vanilla base. 

To add more to that, you can get orange blossom ginger icing on the top to bring freshness and a touch of spice to the dessert. It’s grown to become one of the more popular wedding cake flavours because of its incredible depth in taste.

4. Red Velvet Cake

The red velvet flavoured cakes look absolutely stunning, bringing in a splendid mix of red and white, ideal for your wedding. In terms of taste, the cake has a mix of cocoa powder and red colouring to a vanilla base. 

On top of that, cream cheese icing is spread all over the cake for a fluffy and delightful flavour. Red velvet brings the perfect balance between looks and tastes and might be what you’re looking for in your dream summer wedding

5. Champagne Cake with Strawberry Icing

There’s nothing that displays a summer wedding than some champagne and strawberries. However, it’s time to add that to the cake for the occasion to unite with your loved one. These cakes are made by adding champagne and sliced strawberry fruit on a vanilla base.

The final result is a cake with a pink layer as it’s covered with strawberry frosting. It is delightfully sweet and will display a vibrant colour when you cut it with your bride or groom.

Gladys Gourmet Cakes - For all Your Summer Wedding Cakes Flavours!

Now that you have a list of delightful wedding cakes you need to have during the summer season, it’s time to get them from Gladys Gourmet Cakes! We feature a wide variety of cake flavours for all special occasions like birthdays and weddings.

If none of these cakes suits your taste, you can order a customised one to help you get a step closer to your dream summer wedding. 

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